Production of ZPA Smart Energy

ZPA Smart Energy is proud of being able to offer its customers product solutions at a level of quality equal to the best companies in the field, in a timely manner and at competitive prices. Our quality programmes focus on minimizing costs and increasing efficiency and flexibility for our customers. This allows us to supply products of excellent quality and provide leading customer service, which provides our customers with additional added value.

In the long-term, ZPA Smart Energy’s goal is to be able to react quickly and competently to customers’ requirements. We are able to produce both small and large series of products, so that we can satisfy the current needs of all our customers. On very large projects we usually cooperate with many proven foreign partners abroad; in this way, we are able to meet the needs of our customers within the customer’s terms and with a high degree of quality.
In cooperation with the R&D, our production capabilities allow us to offer production of a variety of electronic instruments or product parts in accordance with customers’ needs. For this cooperation, we are able to secure any type of material from a variety of international producers.

We have years of experience in terms of the entire production of HDO receivers and electricity meters. Due to modern technological facilities we provide production from casting of SMD and THT components, PCB testing, product assembly to final testing with the appropriate certification of finished products.

  • SMT Assembly - Production lines for casting and soldering of SMD parts.                                 
  • THT Assembly - Technology for soldering of THT outlet components.
  • Testing -  Testing and checking of components.        

We can offer a complete technological equipment for printed circuit boards assembling (lead soldering only).

If interested, you can contact the Production Director - Ing. Richard Hakl, e-mail: .