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ZPA Smart Energy a.s.

ZPA Smart Energy is the largest and most important Czech manufacturer of electricity meters, smart systems, ripple control receivers and AMR/AMM solutions. Our expertize is based on decades long experience dating back as far as 1958, as well as cutting edge technology – almost a third of total manpower works in R&D.

Company HQ and production plant are located in East Bohemian Trutnov, heart of the Czech electro-technical industry, where industry icons like ABB, TYCO and Siemens reside as well.

ZPA Smart Energy product portfolio focuses on five key areas as follows:

Customerwise traditionally, ZPA Smart Energy holds a leading position on the Czech market and successfully penetrates foreign markets too – be it emerging markets in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe or highly developed markets, such as Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, to mention just a few.