Leading czech manufacturer of electricity meters

ZPA Smart Energy was founded back in 1958 in Trutnov, East Bohemia. Here, the majority of our production capacity is concentrated. We apply our long-term experience in production and development activities, which we enrich with the latest modern knowledge. Almost a quarter of our full-time employees work in our development department. Other ZPA Smart Energy offices and facilities are situated in Prague and Berlin.

Products across Europe

We hold a privileged position in the Czech market. However, we have managed to penetrate foreign markets also. As of today, ZPA Smart Energy operates in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania), the Balkans (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo) as well as in Western Europe (Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, etc.)

ZPA Smart Energy focuses on 4 main areas

Electronic electricity meters
Smart meters
SW solutions – ReadEn
Ripple control receivers

Electronic electricity meters

Advanced functionalities, high reliability, affordable price. These are the main advantages of digital electricity meters that, due to a new measuring principle and use of latest technologies, significantly outperform obsolete mechanical electricity meters.

Smart meters

Electronic devices that store real-time information on consumption and other measurands have become indispensable assistants for consumers and distributors alike. The range of electricity meters from ZPA Smart Energy always reflects latest trends.

SW solutions – ReadEn

ReadEn software saves time and money. It is a family of specialised software programs, providing its users with a perfect overview of meter readings and network status as well as fully-automated processes. It also enables more efficient management of work teams.

Ripple control receivers

ZPA Smart Energy has been a leading manufacturer of ripple control systems since their early days. Electricity consumption control has evolved significantly since then. Today's modern ripple control receivers support all of the known communication protocols used around the world.

Because quality
matters to us

Our utmost goal are not just high-quality products and services, but also a satisfied customer. We are committed to fulfil these goals in all areas of ZPA Smart Energy’s operations, including compliance with legal and regulatory requirements when creating a safe working environment for our employees and associates. 

We select our partners carefully. We never compromise our goals and values when working with suppliers.

ZPA is more
than just a job

We will not stifle you with sheets of information on what a candidate for a job in our company should be like. On the contrary. We will present the vacancies to you and you will make the choice. Everyone is unique and every job position has its own specifics. You know best what your strength is, where you can help us and what work you will enjoy doing and find fulfilling. Have you found such a job position? Feel free to apply for it.

Company with a history


Nationalisation of the production plant and incorporation into Křižík Praha, a state-owned company

The origins of ZPA date back to 1945. At that time, the private production plant was nationalised and incorporated into Křižík Praha, a state-owned company.

Commencement of ripple control system research

Thanks to the information gained from research in the area of ripple control systems, the company started to produce its own electromagnetic receivers. Over time, these were superseded by transistor and microprocessor receivers as per trends in the field of science.

Start of series production of ZEx10 electricity meters developed in-house

45 years after manufacturing the first ripple control receiver, the developers came up with a breakthrough product. A static electricity meter, precisely targeting contemporary needs, quickly filled up warehouses of utility companies.

Acquisition by new owner Electrometer El Sewedy

Massive company expansion was capped in 2010 by El Sewedy Electrometer Group, one of the leading global energy players, acquiring ZPA Smart Energy into its company portfolio.

New AMx60 series smart meter (AM160, AM360) developed

Modern market demands have given rise to another product segment. The world came to see the first smart meter made by ZPA Smart Energy.

Company executive management

Meet the managers who safeguard the quality of ZPA Smart Energy products and services. They are particular about the satisfaction of company clients and employees. Their rich experience is based on years of practice, success and mishaps. Now they are at the helm of the company, ready to pass on their know-how and to spearhead the company ahead with the help of modern technology and trends.

“Our vision is to be a strong and reliable partner for metering, control and data acqui-sition in the energy industry. Every day, the entire team is working to live up to this motto.”

Ing. Aleš Mikula, MBA – CEO

Ing. Aleš Mikula, MBA

Member of the Board of Directors, CEO

Graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Technical Cybernetics. In January 2006, he completed his postgraduate MBA studies. He has been with ZPA Smart Energy since 1996. During this time, he has held various positions from project manager to head of technical design to technical director, to which he was appointed in 2006. In 2011, he was appointed to the company Board of Directors, and in 2016 became the Business and Technical Director. He has been CEO since 2019.

Ing. Jakub Horák

Technical Director

Having graduated from the Technical University in Liberec, he joined TL Elektronic s.r.o, a company engaged in the development and production of aviation instruments. He started working for ZPA Smart Energy in 2009, first as a development engineer, went on to an External Development Group Manager. He has been working as a Technical Manager since 2016.

Ing. Hynek Brázda

Quality Director

Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Brno University of Technology, electronic components and systems. After graduation he joined ABB as a quality engineer, and later as a manager of corporate process optimisation. In 2005, he joined ZPA CZ, spol. s.r.o. as head of the quality management department. In 2007 and 2008 he worked in the automotive industry, and after returning to ZPA Smart Energy in 2009 he was appointed Quality Director.

Ing. Pavel Brýdl

Sales Director

Graduate from the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University in Ostrava. From 2007 to 2020 he worked at ABB, where he held the position of Project manager and then Business development manager. In June 2020 he joined the sales team of ZPA Smart Energy and in July 2023 he was appointed as Sales director.

Martin Hák

Production Director

Graduate from electrical engineering secondary school. Year 2000 onwards, he worked in the automotive industry, where he progressed from blue-collar shop floor to white-collar top management positions. He has been working for ZPA Smart Energy as a Production Director since 2021.

Klára Ožďanová, DiS.

Human Resources Manager

Graduated from the Economic and Legal Vocational School in Liberec, then joined the UP DG Trutnov, where she devoted herself to consulting and projects. After maternity leave, she won the selection procedure of the company INEX SPEDITION s.r.o., where she established a new position of HR and Marketing Specialist. She left the family business for the multinational corporation Continental Automotive CR s.r.o. in Adršpach, where she worked in HR, projects and education. Since 2022, he has been working at ZPA Smart Energy in the position of Human Resources Manager.