Membership in the Professional Associations

Czech Chamber of Commerce - CCC is an entity representing the entrepreneurial public and became an integral part of the economic life in the Czech Republic. It protects the interests of its members – small, medium and large enterprises associated in a network of regional chambers and trade associations.


ELA - Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic which associates the most ElA ČRsignificant electrical companies in the Czech Republic.


RETELA - RETELA, Ltd. which runs a collective system for waste electrical and electronic equipment.Retela


CIRED - international conferences on electrical distribution networks. It is also the world's largest organization working in the technical field distribution networks. This organization mainly provides an international forum for engineers working in the areas of research, design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of distribution systems.


Our Technologic Partners

CMI - Czech Metrology Institute ensures consistency and accuracy of measuring instruments and measurements in all fields of scientific, technical and economic activities.


EZU - Electrotechnical Testing Insitute testing products according to the electrical safety standards.



DLMS User Association - creates generic and compatible communication objects and enables the integration of diverse systems. Thus simplify operational and commercial processes.


FNN - The Forum network technology/network operation in the VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) is a committee of the VDE with private sponsoring and business offices. FNN rules are part of the VDE Specifications Code of Safety Standards. ZPA Smart Energy is active in the section of FNN Measurements.