Historical Milestones

ZPA Smart Energy was founded in 1958. Since then, the company focuses on development and marketing of innovative and quality products - electricity meters, AMM smart electricity meters, remote control receivers (RCR) and energy reading/management systems (AMR/AMM).

2016 ISO 27001 Information Security Certification   
2015 The family of smart meters was extended by even more sophisticated AMX65 and dataconcentrator CAM65.
Significant upgrade of ReadEn software system.
2012 Certification as per OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services)
Introduction of AMM smart electricity meters: AMx60 series
2010 ZPA Smart Energy, a.s. acquired by Electrometer El Sewedy
Production launch of smart electricity meters: AMx50 series
Historie ZPA
2008 Production plants certified as per MID, module D
2006 ZPA CZ, s.r.o. acquired by Kilcullen Kapital Partners, company restructuring started
2005 Introduction of AMR system in pilot projects abroad
2004 Production launch of self-designed electricity meters: ZEx10 series
Founding of Bulgarian subsidiary: ZPA BG
2003 Certification as per ISO 14001 (Environmental management)  
2001 Production launch of electricity meters with integrated ripple control receiver
2000 First industrial delivery of electricity meters to the market
1999 Production launch of electricity meters in cooperation with EMU Electronic of Switzerland
1997 Certification as per ISO 9001 (Quality management)
Delivery launch of RCRs to highly developed countries: Austria and the Netherlands
1990 Production launch of microprocessor RCRs: FMX400 series  
1968 Production launch of transistor RCRs: FMX10 series  
1959 Production launch of electromechanical RCRs: FMX10–30 series  
1958 Ripple Control Receiver (RCR) system studies started