We are a regional company

Trutnov became the imaginary cradle of ZPA Smart Energy. This is where our company was founded, grew and gained strength. Today, we are a world-class company that is proud to support its beloved region.

Sports and leisure

At ZPA Smart Energy, we have long considered the support of regional sports and leisure activities to be an important component of our sponsorship activities. We want to help create and maintain a positive attitude towards sport and active leisure.

Leisure Centre – Na Nivách facility

We support the active leisure time of children and adults in Trutnov.
In September 2019, the new modern Leisure Centre, Trutnov, was inaugurated. Since its reopening, we have been the general sponsor.

“It was very nice that ZPA Smart Energy was interested in the partnership, even before it really took off. We like the fact that as a traditional Trutnov company they wish to support life in our town. The cooperation will continue next year, for which we are very happy and thankful.”

  • Josef Khol, Trutnov Leisure Centre Director (Trutnovinky magazine, September 2020)

Krakonoš Cycling Marathon

We support the Krakonoš Cycling Marathon in two ways. The first is classic sponsorship support in the form of financing. The second is the active participation of our employees on the individual tracks. We are happy that such a high-quality sports event is organised in our town of Trutnov, and that we can support it.

TJ Lokomotiva Trutnov – Triathlon Club

We support young triathletes. The annual ZPA Smart Energy Triathlon Dolce, held in July, is one of the traditional and very successful triathlons in the area.

Sportovní klub Janské Lázně

We have been supporting a sports club for handicapped table tennis players for a long time.

The history of the tournament, which has been supported by ZPA Smart Energy for many years, dates back to 1995, when the local table tennis club was integrated into the Janské Lázně Sports Club and became a member of the ČSTPS, currently Czech Para Sport. Subsequently, the international “Janské Lázně Cup” tournament was established.

Since the first year of its existence, the event has not only attracted athletes from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary. Participation gradually stabilised at almost 20 teams, who measure their skills in Janské Lázně on an annual basis. The tournament has been organised by members of the Janské Lázně Sport Club and TP table tennis club for the entire duration thereof. Thanks to this tournament, we have managed to establish long-term cooperation with a lot of Czech and foreign athletes. This has made the Cup a fixed star in international competitions for more than a quarter of a century.

We are very pleased to have ZPA Smart Energy as a long-time sponsor of the tournament. With its support, we can organise this project.

The year 2020 was a hard blow to all athletes in our country and in neighbouring countries. Therefore, I believe it is now more important than ever to support any sporting event that not only returns athletes to active competition, but also contributes to the return of sporting and cultural life in our country.”

  • Petr Bureš, Janské Lázně Sport Club, table tennis club of disabled athletes


In the field of culture, we have been a long-time supporter of selected cultural events in Trutnov such as Jazzinec, Trutnov Autumn, Rýbrcoul – the spirit of the mountains, Trutnov – the town of the dragon.


Continuous learning and personal growth are a priority to us. We cooperate closely with the Trutnov Grammar School, the Trutnov Secondary Technical School of Industry and the Regional Economic Chamber. We also support educational projects and programmes.

Social area

We help those who really need it. Thanks to the ZPA Helps Sports programme, we support people who struggle with adversity every year. We also sponsor the Hajnice Colour Houses, Charity Trutnov and Vesna Janské Lázně.