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Electricity distribution, load management, metering, consumption control and optimisation. These are the main activities of ZPA Smart Energy. The products and services that we develop under our supervision, using state-of-the-art technologies and close cooperation with carefully selected suppliers, are among the absolute best in Europe.

Our products bear the hallmark of quality, innovation and reliability

The ripple control receivers enabled PLC (Power Line Communication) power control decades ago, receiving signals from power centres and controlling appliances. These features are now experiencing a renaissance in modern Smart Grid systems, which are primarily based on fine and reliable measurement.

Digital electronic electricity meters enable high-precision measurement and transmit data to control centres. Smart meters can then manage consumption thanks to two-way communication. ZPA Smart Energy offers comprehensive system solutions for metering and control, from electricity meters to communication modules and concentrators or communication servers and database client applications.

The ZPA Smart Energy product portfolio is specifically targeted at the measurement and control of electrical energy. We have been in the industry for more than 60 years and have a strong development base.

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Smart Metering

A smart meter is an electronic device that stores information about consumption and other relevant variables almost in real time. These records are transmitted to the consumer via a one-way communication interface and to the distributor via a two-way communication interface.

The portfolio offer of ZPA Smart Energy meters reflects the trends in communication.

Load control

from ripple control to “Smart All”

More changes have taken place in the Czech energy industry in the last 20 years than since its beginning, when a linen weaving mill in Moravská Třebová was illuminated with arc lamps in 1878. The original binary model of a single supplier and its consumers is collapsing, as the current development of the use of renewable resources in many cases creates a new, additional supplier from the original sole consumer.

Technological partners

We are looking for the most suitable partners for our cross-industry activities. In the energy metering and control segment, we successfully cooperate, for instance, with microprocessor manufacturers, software component providers and universities. Together we invent, design and develop products that know no limits.