Smart Grid

The centralised concept of load control in the distribution system is already obsolete. As the number of intermittent sources and appliances in the grid increases, it is necessary to move the load control as close as possible to the point of generation or consumption.

Smart grid load control

The more information about consumption can be obtained at the point of consumption, the more efficient load control can be. ZPA smart meters allow load profiles to be measured and stored in intervals of several minutes and provide this information to optimisation modules at all levels of the distribution system. Thanks to the adaptive predictors in smart meters, the consumption forecast is an absolutely key feature for distributed load control.

Consumption optimisation
in local ecosystem

The optimised cooperation of algorithms in the smart meter and grid controllers (observers/grid optimisers) moves the load control options to a brand new level of quality. ZPA extends the scope of the regulatory framework from the point of consumption to the integrated regional framework of the distribution network.

Algorithms in the smart meter and RTUs in transformer stations can resolve the optimisation tasks in a coordinated manner for a wide range of entities operating in the electricity market. This not only gives the distributor an efficient tool to regulate the regional part of the grid or the island, but also a tool to implement new business models, especially those related to the provision of flexibility.

Smart meters
and smart boxes

ZPA smart meters enable the measurement and recording of distribution network variables, store such data at any granularity and transmit it to both the network distributor and the end customer using a wide range of communication modules.

A unique feature is the integrated adaptive predictors directly in the microprocessor of the meter, which can learn typical behaviour patterns and predict the likely future development of consumption or production over time directly at the point of consumption. Smart meters communicate with a control unit at the point of consumption (smart box) which uses sophisticated algorithms to optimise the energy balance at the point of consumption.

Measurement and distributed control software

ZPA’s solitary installed products can be successfully used to measure a wide range of energies and media. However, it is only the connection into an integrated communicating ecosystem, including the software superstructure, that provides the end user with a state-of-the-art solution.

Elements and meters from other manufacturers can also be connected to the system based on standards. The user then gets a system where the obtained data has a high predictive value and can be used for a wide range of business activities. Information about the state of the entire ecosystem can also help to efficiently prevent emergency or other non-standard conditions.