Smart meters

Is simple electricity metering not enough for you? Do you need a device that will display and reliably store comprehensive information about the entire consumption and other point of consumption variables in real time? The smart meter from ZPA Smart Energy will become a key assistant to you. Thanks to a wide range of communication channels towards both the end customer and the distributor, you will always stay current.

Predictive algorithms
in smart meters

„Innovations are strongly rooted in the DNA of our development staff.“

Ing. Jakub Horák – Technical manager

A completely innovative feature that differentiates the ZPA solution from most of its competitors is the implementation of adaptive predictors inside the smart meter computational core. Predictors acquire data from the measurement core in very short intervals and use this data to recognise typical patterns of consumption point behaviour over time.

These predictions are constantly modified and refined over time. Based on this data and information from the distributor’s load control centre, the smart meter automatically regulates production and consumption at the point of consumption. The efficiency of this load control model dramatically outperforms centralised static models and thus responds to the challenges posed by decentralised energy.

Wide range of communications including IoT

ZPA smart meters are designed according to the global standards that define the communication interface for the distributor and third parties. The parameterisation infrared interface (DSMR P0) according to IEC 62056-21 is the absolute necessary basis for all meters in our portfolio. The key interface is towards the distributor (DSMR P3). This interface is modular. It can be used for wired (e.g. PLC) or wireless (e.g. LTE) communication. The NB IoT and LTE CatM1 communication standards have been specifically developed for meter communication. The RS485 communication channel (DSMR P1) is available for the end customer.

SS2 and ZLS security

Meter data security and communication channel security are becoming an absolutely key feature of modern smart meters. ZPA smart meters have the ability to run an asymmetric encryption mechanism on each communication channel, in which keys are generated using the elliptic curve method. This methodology is very robust. The chosen elliptic curve determines the level of communication security. With a properly chosen curve, the system then exceeds the security of, for example, web-based banking services. Typically, the asymmetric encryption channels are used according to the DLMS Security Suite 2 or TLS methodology.

Reliable instruments with specific equipment options at an attractive price

Flexibility is deeply embedded in ZPA’s genome. Thanks to our development and production facilities in the Czech Republic, we are able to respond to the specific needs of our partners and produce unique custom-made solutions. Since the beginning of our development, we have been focusing on the economic aspect of cooperation and, therefore, we are able to offer highly functional and customer-oriented devices at an affordable price.