SW solution

ZPA Smart Energy’s unique software gives you a complete overview of all the energies you use. A group of specially designed software programs enables measurement, configuration of meters, automatic readings and transfer of information to other systems. ReadEn will make your life and business much easier.

What is

ReadEn is a client-server-server system. The server part of the system requires OS Windows Server x64 with the possibility to use any virtualisation environment. Oracle, MSSQL or MySQL databases are suitable. The client application is available as a thin and thick client.

The thin client supports any web browser and can be used on all common platforms from PCs to tablets or smartphones. The thick client supports any Windows operating system using .NET Framework 4 (or higher).

Who is ReadEn designed for?

Production and distribution


Testing facilities




Data management and analysis

ReadEn By

Mobile meter reading


Automatic meter reading


Work team management


Meter setting and testing tools

System characteristics

The system is based on a modular concept. It is, therefore, possible to build a customised solution without unnecessary components with the possibility of future expansion according to the growing demands of the user. Scalability is a matter of course. We have solutions for reading a single meter using a mobile phone to theoretically managing an unlimited number of meters with load distribution over several servers.

The software program is multi-platform and can be run on all common operating systems. We are not solely limited to ZPA Smart Energy products. The system is multi-utility with support for hundreds of meter types across media (electricity, water, gas, heat, pressure, …).

Benefits to you

The set of software programs will bring you significant time and money savings thanks to a perfect overview of meter readings and network status, automated processes and more efficient management of work teams. Automatic readings simplify work in case of unexpected changes. You never know exactly where your journey will take you, which is why we offer the ability to quickly expand your support to include additional meters.

The entire software program is very user-friendly and can be run on all common operating systems. Easy interconnection with other company systems (SAP, accounting software, REST, SOAP API, etc.) is a matter of course. As a huge advantage, you will appreciate the possibility of connecting the system to hundreds of types of meters, including ZPA Smart Energy products.


Submetering is the fitting of meters with data output for submetering (hence the prefix sub), or monitoring the consumption of functional parts of a unit. Thus, it not only monitors the consumption of the entire production plant, but also the consumption of individual production lines, indoor and outdoor lighting, technical facilities, etc.

The analysis of this consumption provides an insight into the efficiency of resource exploitation. Based on sound information, economic loss can be avoided. However, submetering is not just reserved for industry. It has also recently significantly penetrated into office buildings, hotels and apartment complexes.

The added value of the system can especially be highlighted in the latter cases and consists in the flexible response to a change of premises tenant or owner and the ease of proving unjustified consumption claims.