Quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety policy

The high quality of our products and services and a satisfied customer are the primary goals of our company. We have committed to meet these goals in all areas of ZPA Smart Energy’s operations, including compliance with legal and regulatory requirements when creating a safe working environment for our employees and associates. We pursue such procedures with minimum impact on the environment and occupational health and safety. The management is committed to continuous improvement of the integrated management system.

Our main goal is to be perceived by our customers as a strong and reliable partner. We are ready to develop products and comprehensive solutions to meet their needs and requirements. We always respond flexibly to unexpected changes.

At ZPA Smart Energy, each employee contributes with their respective qualifications to the growth of the quality level of products and services at a reasonable price. Continuous and efficient competency development and regular training for all employees, along with motivation support, are an important part of corporate governance. We train our employees so that they are aware of the consequences and impacts of the company activities on the environment and occupational health and safety.

The management system strives for the highest possible conformity of our products to quality standards. At the same time, we require all our suppliers to accept our quality principles and objectives.

We strive for on-time delivery of our products and services in stable quality with guaranteed durability. We enforce a policy of prevention and continuous improvement of product and service quality throughout the supply chain.

At the same time, we are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and, therefore, we take the entire life cycle into account when designing new products in order to minimise negative environmental impacts. We consider environmental protection and a consistent approach to occupational health and safety to be a very important aspect of our company business. We strive to identify and minimise the risks that arise from work activities in our company and minimise their negative impacts on the company and the environment. We identify and reduce OHS risks.

We provide all stakeholders with access to information about the environmental aspects, impacts and environmental profile of ZPA Smart Energy, as well as OHS management in our company. We regularly inform employees and partners about the risks associated with the work and our products. We encourage the exchange of information and open dialogue with customers, employees, suppliers, government authorities and other parties.

Our company has an integrated quality management system certified in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001, environmental protection system in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 14001, occupational health and safety system in accordance with ČSN ISO 45001 and information security management system in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 27001.

In the field of meters, we hold quality management system certification for the production, final inspection and testing of electric meters according to Procedure D, Government Regulation No. 120/2016 Coll. (equivalent to Directive 2014/32/EU, the “MID”) which authorises us to supply ZPA Smart Energy meters to the EU market at the level of the specified meters. In addition to MID requirements, we also meet the requirements of the German metrology legislation for electricity meters intended for the German market.

Environmental protection


Complaints procedure of ZPA Smart Energy a.s.

In the complaints procedure, you can read about the rules which are applied in ZPA Smart Energy
when dealing with a customer complaint concerning a delivered product.

You can complain about the product at:
  • ZPA Smart Energy a.s., Komenského 821, 54101 Trutnov, Czech Republic.
The complaint shall contain:
  • your contact details: name, surname, contact address (delivery), telephone and e-mail (where we can inform you about the status of the solution or provide information about the subject product),
    the claimed product with a description of the defect,
    proof of purchase (a copy is sufficient).

You can download the complete complaints procedure here.

Alternatively, you can submit your complaint via the Complaint form, which you can download here.